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Welcome to my website. I’m Aedotris, a mysterious individual whose talents and contributions remain shrouded in enigma. Explore and uncover the secrets within. Aedotris ::github{repo=“levinhkhangzz/AedotrisZ”}

class Aedotris {}

class Attributes extends Aedotris {
  get contact() {
    const discord = "aedotris";
    const telegram = "";
    const facebook = "";
    const email = "[email protected]";

    return [discord, telegram, facebook, email];

  get life() {
    const language = ["Vietnamese", "English"];
    const age = 16;

    return [language, age];

  get coding() {
    const langs = {
      expert: ["python", "typescript", "html", "css"],
      intermediate: [
      learning: ["c", "c++", "c#", "asm", "java"],
    const specialities = ["web/app reverse engineering", "fullstack"];
    const environnement = ["vscode"];

    return [langs, specialities, environnement];
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