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The Ultimate Aedotris Markdown Guide

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Welcome to our sleek and stylish markdown guide, tailored to elevate your Fuwari experience. For further details, consult the Astro Docs.

Front-matter of Posts#

title: My First Blog Post
published: 2023-09-09
description: This is the first post of my new Astro blog.
image: ./cover.jpg
tags: [Foo, Bar]
category: Front-end
draft: false
titleThe title of the post.
publishedThe date the post was published.
descriptionA short description of the post. Displayed on index page.
imageThe cover image path of the post.
1. Start with http:// or https://: Use web image
2. Start with /: For image in public dir
3. With none of the prefixes: Relative to the markdown file
tagsThe tags of the post.
categoryThe category of the post.
draftIf this post is still a draft, which won’t be displayed.

Where to Place the Post Files#

Your post files should be placed in src/content/posts/ directory. You can also create sub-directories to better organize your posts and assets.

└── post-2/
    ├── cover.png
The Ultimate Aedotris Markdown Guide
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